Frequently asked Sugru questions

Where did the name ‘sugru’ come from?

The inventor of sugru, Jane, is Irish, and sugru is inspired by the Irish word for play :-)

How do you say it ?!

Sue-groo :)

What does sugru bond to?

sugru bonds really well to wood, glass, fabric, ceramics, leather and most metals – including aluminum, steel, iron and enameled, powder coated, lacquered and spray-coated metals. It also bonds to most rubbers and plastics like ABS and Polycarbonate.
Tip: if you want to see if sugru will stick to a particular material, save a tiny piece from another hack and apply it to the surface in question. You’ll have your answer 24 hours later :)

What materials does sugru not stick to?

sugru and most other adhesives struggle to bond with Polypropylene, Polyethylene and metals with certain oily finishes.
If you want to use sugru as an impression / molding material, the best release agent we’ve found is soapy water. It doesn’t leave any oily residue on the sugru afterwards, and is very clean and easy to use.

Is Sugru removable?

From non-porous surfaces - yes!
To remove sugru, simply cut off the bulk of it off using a knife or scalpel. You can then remove the residue with your nails and some tissue. Here’s a video we made showing how:
From non-porous surfaces - sort of. If you stick sugru to a porous unglazed ceramic surface, or unvarnished wood, it will be removable but will leave a stain.
From fabrics and leathers - once you’ve worked sugru into fabric, it will be very difficult to remove, and will always leave traces.

Is there something I can do to increase the shelf-life?

Yes! The best way to extend sugru’s life is to store it in the fridge. The cold helps sugru last up to twice as long. Our priority R&D project is to extend the shelf life of sugru – we’re making good progress, but for now the fridge tip is the best way to keep your sugru fresher for longer.

Can I paint sugru?

As sugru is a silicone and cures to a flexible rubber, it’s likely that paint will flake off. You can, however, mix and blend different colours of sugru together to get the shade you need. There’s a colour mixing guide in our booklet and on the blog.

Can I mould sugru ?

Yes, sugru can take perfect impressions of textures and be used to mould parts. Simply rub a fine layer of soapy water onto the surface you don't want sugru to bond to. Soapy water is the very best release agent we have ever used and we have done quite a bit of research into release agents.

Can sugru be used in contact with food or drink?

sugru is fine to use for handles and the outside of kitchen equipment, but not in direct contact with food or drink. We're working on new chemistry that we hope will change this, but it's still a way off being ready.

Will it work in my dishwasher/oven/on my Arctic expedition?

Yes! sugru can take any temperature between -50°C and 180°C. It’s waterproof, dishwasher proof, heatproof, freezer proof, UV resistant and electrically insulating. Just don’t use it in direct contact with an open flame!

Is sugru eco-friendly?

That's a tricky question - a small amount of sugru can help to prolong the life of complex and large items but in itself, as a material, it's not particularly innovative from an environmental perspective.
sugru is a silicone, and the same environmental guides that apply to general household silicones apply to sugru.

It's not petrochemical based, but it's not biodegradable.
sugru is manufactured in a low energy, low heat mixing process, however this is not necessarily true of its raw ingredients.
We encourage using the minimum amount of sugru possible for the job, and using any left overs for other potential improvements even if you don't have another broken thing.

The question of the environment relating to most manufactured items is very complex, and we try to do our best as a company to find the most sustainable ways of doing what we do as regards raw materials, waste, recycling and energy.
We work hard to encourage a culture of repair and maintenance, and a pragmatic attitude to problem solving; we hope this will help in some way towards making our culture more sustainable.

Can I recycle the packet?

Partly - yes, the outer card and clear bag can be recycled.
The silver mini packs can’t though, due to the triple-layer material technology necessary to preserve sugru.